PA Basic River Instructor Certification

This course offers certification to those who want to teach basic river canoe skills on a class I river setting. Candidates must be comfortable in a tandem and or/solo canoe on Class II water and must be able to demonstrate instructor quality maneuvers: forward ferry’s, back ferry’s, eddy turns, “S” turns, rescues and teaching of the basic river maneuvers. A three day course.  For more detailed information check out:

2016 Dates:

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

1.  Re-Cert May 22  $125.00
2. May 20, 21, 22

Cost: $285.00 + GST + PA 3 year membership fee $ 60.00

Participants must supply their own equipment and transportation

Rentals are available.


PA (ARCA) Water Front Canoe Instructor

This instructor/leader certification program certifies participants to conduct  canoe programs in sheltered water front settings where exposure to hazards in limited by site selection. The focus is on tandem skills and on the process of introducing a canoe experience, not as much on technical skills training. Teaching, rescue, and paddle skills are evaluated in this setting. For more details, check out:

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2016 Dates:

Saturday, Sunday

1. May 7, 8
2. June 18,19

Cost: 195.00 + GST + PA 3 year membership $ 60.00

Participants must supply their own equipment and transportation.

Rentals are available, call us!